Why Reverse Racism Belong In A Fairy Tale-Book Analysis

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Why reverse racism belong in a fairy tale-books
There is a huge difference between being systematically oppressed by society and being a victim to prejudice. According to the Oxford dictionary, racism is per definition prolonged, historical oppression directed at someone from a different race, as a result of the belief that your race is superior. White people have never been persecuted for the color of their skin, nor experienced slavery or colonialism. In conclusion reverse racism is not real, because being exposed to this kind of oppression is not something you can choose. It is something that is forced upon black people as a minority, as a result of our society 's dehumanization of that particular group.
Our society 's social hierarchy are built upon cinder blocks like, wealth, the color of your skin and sex. If you tick all the right boxes then you have what some of us would call privilege. It could be white-privilege, the fact that you are male or the family you where born into. Some of us are what others would call lucky, we are not poor, but wealthy, we are not female, but male and we are not black, but white. Having privilege makes life easier, you might get more job opportunities, higher wage or the confidence of not being stalked when you enter a store. Having privilege is not equal to being racist, it just means that you are a part of a majority. How you choose to handle the fact that you have an advantage is however a thing that defines your persona.
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