Why Romeo And Juliet's Love Is Not Meant To Last

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Written in the stars

People say if it was meant to be it will be written in the stars and in the case of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, their constellation is nowhere to be found. Romeo and Juliet's love was not meant to last, real love does not need planning. Romeo and Juliet's love was to passionate to last forever because Juliet loved Romeo based on the mentality that she could not have him, Romeo loved Juliet because he needed an ego boost and Juliet and Romeo loved each other based on each others looks. Thus making Romeo and Juliet’s love not meant to last due to factors that made them love for the wrong reasons.

The first reason why Romeo and Juliet's love was not meant to be is Juliet's love for romeo was based on her wanting something she can not have. Juliet's motivation to make a plan to run away together was based on her wanting something she can't have, Romeo
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Romeo concluded that Juliet was the one based on her pretty face. We see this when he says, “Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!
For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.” (Act I,S5,P2). This quote proves that specifically Romeo’s love for Juliet was based on her looks rather then her personality and relationships that start like that are bound to end. Love should come more internally than externally and in their case it does not make their love impure.

In short Romeo and Juliet's love was not real and not meant to last. We see this when Romeo and Juliet love each others looks rather than personalities, when Romeo loves juliet because his ego needs a boost and when Juliet loves romeo because she can not have him. To conclude Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet love was unforsaken, unholy and untrue No matter how hard an expert stargazer looks Romeo and Juliet isn't written in the
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