Why Running Is Important To Me

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I have participated in in cross country and track since seventh grade. Running is very important to me because I have put so much hard work into it and I always push myself knowing I can take it to the next level because I want to be the very best I can be. When I started my running career in seventh grade I wasn’t the fastest but I stuck to it and kept pushing myself. By my eight grade cross country season I was the fastest. It was a life changing experience and made me realize I have something special going. But my eighth grade track season was awful because I tore a ligament in my ankle and didn’t get to run. So this tragedy followed me to high school and I have spent 3 years trying to get to where I should’ve started high school. Freshman…show more content…
I started training in July and was ready to make this the best cross country season of my life. I started out the season as the number five varsity runner but and by city league I was the second runner and fourth overall. The team placed first in the city league making us the first varsity girls’ team to win since 1988. We are now on the road to state the qualifying regionals coming up. This whole high school running experience has majorly impacted my life. I would not be who I am today without running. This has made me realize what’s really important to me at the end of the day and what really matters. Running has showed me that I am a very hard worker and that things you want in life don’t come easy. It takes lots of sacrifice and focus and most importantly time. Running has not only made me physically and mentally stronger as an athlete but as a person. I am a much healthier and more considerate person because my overall mood all the time is much happier. This experience has also greatly influenced my career goals. I have realized that I love to help people and also that getting an injury is one of the worst things that can happen to a
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