Later School Start Times

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Did you know that not enough sleep for teens can lead to poor organization, poor time-management skills, and can make them impulsive? People are debating about how teens need more sleep. Not enough sleep isn’t healthy. Even though people are concerned about their children’s sleep, schools can’t always start as late as we want. If schools start later, this can affect after school activities such as clubs and sports. This can also affect many other things such as higher taxes, for more buses. But if we start a littler later, will be way healthier and more educated, and simply have a better attitude. Also, we will be able to be well rested, and ready for a new school day. If keeping our children healthier means more money, it’s worth…show more content…
Even though there would be higher taxes for buses, for Point Pleasant’s population of about 17,000 people, it would only be about $100 more, which is about the cost of going out to dinner for the average family. Although, later school start times can affect after school activities such as clubs and sports, if we start and end only by half an hour to an hour, we'd still have plenty of time to do things after school, just like the elementary schools and high schools. Even though there are many reasons for early school start times, are kids won’t be healthy. In the article by Molly Shea “Ridiculously Early School Start Times are Putting Students at Risk,” it says “Research shows they’re right. As much as parents may want their kids to hit the streets earlier to make up for lost sleep in the morning, that’s just not how their bodies are wired. During puberty, teens’ circadian rhythms shift, keeping them alert until 11pm or midnight - later than younger adolescents and adults.” Teens, they tend to not sleep until 11pm, and usually have to wake up at about 6am, giving them only 7 hours of sleep. This can lead to problems, for example bad grades, and how alert they are. Teens can barely keep their own eyes open in the morning, walking around mindlessly. They’re
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