Persuasive Essay: Why High School Should Start Later

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Imagine having piles and piles of homework and you don't have time to finish it, you have to end up staying up late to finish it. The next morning you have to wake up at 6:45 and school starts at 7:35. This is a struggle that many kids have to face every day. In school many kids are tired and some even fall asleep. Research has shown that starting school later has a better effect on kids and allows them to pay more attention in school because they’re awake. High schools should start later in the day to allow students to get more sleep and have more time to get awake to be focused in school.
High school students grades also could be affected by the amount of sleep they get. Research has shown that the better amount of sleep that students get, the better they do in school and the better grades they get. Also in high school, you need to be able to remember important details if you zone out on one part you could
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If high schoolers stay up late when they start school early who says that they’re not going to go to sleep even later than they usually do. Also to the student that needs tutoring it’s hard for them to schedule a good time that would fit both of their needs. Another reason why it would be bad to start school late is that most parents schedule family time or trips around their kid’s school times. These are some bad reasons to have school start late. In Conclusion, schools should start later than they usually do. It would be very beneficial for high schoolers for many reasons. A couple of those reasons are for grades, attendance, and sleep. “School timings not only affect the sleeping habits, but also the daily functioning of the body (Early)”. Not only the amount of sleep we get isn’t good, it’s bad for our body and the worse our body gets, the less we focus and the less energy we have. All of those reasons have been proven by researchers to help
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