Why School Should Start Later In The Day

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Sleeping Schools Countless students all over the US struggle to keep their eyes open throughout the day because school classes start too early in the morning. If we were able to give an hour to students in the morning, we would see an increase in their physical mentality, their academic skill level, and an overall happier lifestyle. Many people will argue that starting school too late in the morning will cause after school activities -- such as sports and other clubs -- no time to meet before the night ends. But I must mention that we don’t need to push the start time that much later to see a huge improvement on student’s test scores, overall grades, and a student’s mood. The current school start time is unacceptable when thought about logically, and we must make the changes to have school start at a later time. The first reason why school should start later is because students will face challenges physically if not given the proper amount of …show more content…

Lisa Lewis, author of “Why School Should Start Later in the Day” states that “Repeated studies show that when the school day starts later and teens get more sleep, both grades and standardized test scores go up. A Colby College economist, Finley Edwards, found that a one-hour delay in start time increased math test and reading test scores by three percentile points. Even more striking, the lowest-scoring students showed the biggest jumps” (Lewis 1). To add on to students test scores and grades rising, a later start time can give them the needed time to finish up homework. Sports and activities at night can make finding time for homework hard for students. The extra time in the morning may give them some room to sleep a bit more or finish some last minute homework. With students getting more sleep, we will see an improvement in their test score and grades, which can help them later in

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