Why School Should Start Later

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Topic: Should School Start at a Later or Earlier Time? As a parent, imagine a cop calling you and telling you that, your son or daughter just got in a bad accident because they were still sleepy. That can be very heartbroken. Starting school at a later time in the morning is a brilliant idea. I agree with starting school a later time in the morning because it will benefit the students by functioning properly in school and it will prevents car accidents. On the other hand, other people disagree with my argument because they argued that kids need to go to bed earlier. My first reason why school should start at a later time, is that kid will perform and function better in school. Having to get up at 6am in the morning to get ready for school can be very stressful. Kids will get up early to go to school and still feel sleepy because they're sleep-deprived and that can affect how they perform in school. Kids, especially teenagers should be able to get at least nine hours of sleep so they can be able to function properly in school. "I see a lot of teenagers who are tired and have problems in school because they have to get up early, according to Deray. " I guarantee you, that if these schools start at a later time, a lot of kids would get better grades.…show more content…
These teenagers, are getting themselves in some serious accidents just because, they have to get up early for school. I believe is schools start at a more later time, you would see lesser car accidents. According to an article by Amy, "In a recent study of 8 US high schools that delayed their regular start times, researchers found improvements in kids grades, attendance and car crash
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