Persuasive Essay On Why School Should Start Later?

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Does your child or student never want to get up in the morning? It probably because they start school way too early and don’t get enough sleep at night to be ready for the next day. Many children and students feel as if they start school way too early. School usually starts at 8 or maybe even 8:30 A.M. I do agree that school does start pretty early. You have to be energized and ready for school. It can’t start too early so you won’t be slacking. School days for teenagers should start later because they will be able to get enough sleep and will have time to eat breakfast in the mornings. To begin with, students will get enough sleep for the school day. Students in Junior High or even High school need up to 9-91/2 hours of sleep each day. Not…show more content…
Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast improves concentration and provides the essential nutrients to start the day. It also keeps your energy level up during the first few hours of the day until lunch. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day because it breaks the overnight fasting period you had while sleeping and once again provides the essential nutrients, energy, and improves the concentration needed for the day. The breakfast feeds your nervous system to get that brain power running. Once again, starting the school day later will give your student a chance to get up early enough, take a nice seat to have a decent breakfast meal and get their day…show more content…
As a parent or even a student, would you agree to having your school or your student's’ school start later? Having school start later, students will now be energized, happier, and more responsive to things around them. So i encourage you parents and students, go to your child's’ school office and ask for a later school day. Give them these reasons to persuade and encourage them to do
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