Why School Should Try Out Essay

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Schools have sports for the seasons fall,winter, and spring but not summer because school is out. At New Century International Middle School, they have boys soccer, girls track, and girls volleyball for the fall. When winter comes and it gets cold outside the sports move indoors, there is girls and boys basketball,and wrestling. Then when the temperature gets hot again the sports go outside again with girls soccer,boys track,and girls play softball and the boys play baseball. All these sports are for the school and they go against other schools in there divison to see who the best is. People don 't have to get good grades to tryout but then your school starts a rule "Most have a C,or Average, in all subjects to tryout". That is a bad idea…show more content…
People worry about how much time they would have for there homework if they do sports and if the rule is not there, then the kids don 't have to worry. They don 't have to waste there time on school if they do sports. They could have more time to practice and get better in the sport. They could also have more time to stay after school. They would just have to become better in the sport and not in school to get money later on in life. If the rule is accepted and the people have to get good grades than the kids have to worry a lot more then they need to. School might come first but if they are really good at the sport then they don 't need school if they play for a living. They don 't need school if they plan on making money off of there sports. They would have to get good grades to get into the team which makes them stress. They might like the sport so much but can 't play because of their grades. What if they want to follow their dreams to become an athlete. The rule should not be held in school sports. People should be able to play sports even if their grades are bad. If they work hard enough they don 't need school. They would have more time to practice and don 't have to worry about their grades. What do you think? Should kids have to get C,or average, to get into a school
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