Why School Sports Should Be Expelled From School

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School Sports should be expelled from School. This should be done because of cost, Effect on academics and education, and problems the cause with family life. Sports in have become a natural occurrence in school
The first reason why sports should not be affiliated with school 's is expense. According to Michel Martin from NPR, the average school pays 2x as much on football players than on math students. This should be a clear reason why sports should be gone because schools pay 2x as much on a small percent of the student body whereas, all students take math classes. Schools can save so much money by closing down sports. For example, a Texas school district, that is $400,000 in debt and on the verge of closing , can save $150,000 by discontinuing sports(Fox News). Finally, the expense of sports is seen in an article on NPR where Amanda Ripley talks about Spelman College. She says, “the president of Spelman College realized that they were spending a million dollars on 4 percent of their students who were athletes." This shows why sports should be gone because $1,000,000 of a school’s budget being spent on only 4% of it’s students is not fair for the other 96%. Sports should Not be in schools because of the expense that comes with them.
Another Reason why sports should be expelled from schools is because of their Impact on Academics. Amanda Ripley shows this in her article “The Case Against High Schools sports” when she writes, “But at this moment in history, now

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