Why School Uniforms Are Not For Students

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Uniforms Are Not For Students What if every student was required to wear uniforms at school? This question is brought up a lot with discussing school dress code. Many people think that wearing uniforms would be beneficial to the students. Some do not care what they wear and just want to go to school. Others think that it is the worst idea ever. Since everyone wants to stand out, be different, and not having to be restricted of what clothes they can wear is why students should not have to wear uniforms. Students not being required to wear uniforms would eliminate students from having body insecurities. Students having to wear uniforms makes everything more of a competition. For example, it becomes less of a best-dressed competition and more of a best-body competition. Students, particularly girls, can develop physical and mental disorders from having to wear uniforms. For example, girls might think they always have to be skinnier to look the best in the uniforms that everyone else is looking skinny in. Students should not have to wear uniforms because it makes people self conscious and takes away their focus on learning. For example, student will be constantly checking if they look good in the outfit or looking at others and comparing themselves, and then totally forgetting about the learning part of school. Overall, students having to wear uniforms will cause more body insecurities than ever before. Student should not have to wear uniforms because the uniforms would limit
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