Why School Uniforms Should Be Required In Public Schools

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Imagine you are sitting in a classroom filled with polite and poised children dressed all the same in their school uniforms. You feel peaceful and chaos free. School uniforms are required in a lot of public schools throughout all of america, but some aren't. This issue is affecting plenty of citizens throughout the united states. School uniforms should be required in all public schools across the united states because, school uniforms reduce the amount of distraction in the classroom, school uniforms create a positive, no violence culture and climate on campus, and lastly school uniforms end the competition between the rich and poor, weather it being about who has the nicest or most new up to date clothes. Firstly, school uniforms reduce the distraction in the classroom. According to “UNIFORMS: are they a good fit?” it states, “Many of these students say dress down days are somewhat distracting”(Marsha 36). This evidence proves that at a school where school uniforms are usually worn, they get to have a free day where they can wear whatever they want, but even then, one, just one day, students claim for it to be a little distracting. It also states from the same article, “Sixth grader tiffany gets sent to the principal's office because…show more content…
Two, by wearing school uniforms it can create a positive culture and climate on campus, instead of be rude, disrespectful and all riled up. Lastly, by wearing school uniforms this can end the feud between the rich and poor, because everyone would be dressed the same. So all people should start caring about what their children are wearing to school and possibly think about a school that has a good environment and have school uniforms. This matters because school uniforms will create a great environmental future for all
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