Why Senior Officers Work In A Joint Environment

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Senior level leadership is essential to any organization. The Army definition of Leadership is the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish the mission and improve the organization. At the senior level, this process becomes art and is vital to the officers assigned to lead different staffs or organizations. Senior level leaders usually have the character traits required to achieve quality leadership. They also possess the knowledge that interpersonal skills are instrumental at the senior level. I believe they understand the importance of these skills and their significance in the joint environment. I also believe there are three key leadership requirements that frame the foundation for establishing effectiveness in the joint environment. Those requirements are leading by example, build trust, and develop good communication skills. In this paper, I will analyze these three requirements and explain their significance to senior officers working in a joint environment.
First, leading by example is key to developing any good organization. Those people that must be influenced to work with you must understand that you are self-confident and believe in what you are doing. They must
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Trust is important when working in a joint environment because of the fluid nature of operations and personnel. According to ADRP 6-22, “candor and integrity must always be the hallmark of a strategic leader to earn general trust.” Trust is especially important in a joint environment because there is a heavy reliance on others to achieve outcomes. Many of these officers are given tremendous tasks that have life-altering results for the followers within the organization. Therefore, leaders must demonstrate good character, presence, and intellect in order to establish trust while working with others both inside and outside of the
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