Alcohol Should Be Banned Speech

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In today’s modern age alcohol has become a way of life, it is evident that the majority of the countries throughout the world accept alcohol as an antidepressant that can be fun and can take the edge off activities, many people die from it each year. Consequently, these deaths are only one of the many reasons why alcohol should be banned. As a result, Alcohol can cause cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic lung disease and diabetes in moderate drinkers. Not only does drinking have a negative effect on your body if too much is consumed on occasions it can also lead to deadly accidents from being impaired while driving. Stricter laws should be enforced on the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol begins to take detrimental effects on your body in…show more content…
In my opinion, I believe driving checkmarks should be place all across the globe to check for impaired drivers and to get them off the road until it is say to drive again. The reason I believe that this should be taken in effect is because this is a great way to reduce the amount of casualties that comes with drunk driving. These checkmarks should consist of rooms, bathrooms, and sobriety test only to help reduce the amount of deaths that goes along with alcohol. In my opinion, these simple changes can save millions of lives and will help everyone survive if they decide to drink and drive, even though they aren’t supposed to. Alcohol itself is a drug that tricks the brain into thinking that everything is okay when everything isn’t okay, along with others I also believe that alcohol should be illegal all together. Why should alcohol be made illegal again? There are no positive effects from drinking alcohol, and banning alcohol could be an exceptionally great idea. Alcohol tends to cause health problems, problems in relationships, and can be exceedingly
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