Why Should Animal Testing Be Allowed To Continue

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Every year over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused. Why? The reason is animal testing. Back in 450 B.C., the first animal vivisection was done and that is when we were able to get a good understanding of how the body works. Now in the 21st century, animals are constantly being tested on, but it is not just so we can understand how the body works. Now animals are tested to see if the chemicals in cosmetics will burn humans or to find cures for diseases. Many of the tests that are performed on animals that are proved effective on animals do not work on humans. Unfortunately, many people do not know this and continue to support animal testing. Many of the methods that are used are cruel to the animal and makes them suffer. Although animal testing has helped scientists to find cures, it comes at a heavy price. Animal testing should not be allowed to continue.

One of the main problems with animal testing are the methods that are used. While some methods are painless to the animal, many of them harm the animal with no relief provided to them. Some tests include killing pregnant animals and doing testing on their fetuses. Other tests have the animals (usually rabbits or other rodents) keep their eyes forcefully open as chemicals are dripped into their eyes. They are provided no pain relief and will stay with their eyes open for several days at a time. Majority of the time animals are force-fed certain substances that make them grow sick over time. That

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