Why Should Animal Testing Be Banned

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Commercial Test on Animals should be banned

Have you ever wonder how are all products made? Have you taken the time to see what variety of shampoo, makeup, body wash, or other products are you using? Now a day many commercial products before being sold in a store, they should pass through some tests and some products should be tested on animals before being sold. If a product hasn't been tested, it's an experimental product, what if that product starts to develop an allergy or a serious condition that can affect drastically our body.
Animal testing its something kind of inhuman, even if animals don't understand and cannot act like humans but they are living things. Somehow some commercial products or experiments, they have request people to test in them, but they pay them, but what if those people that have accept the request to be tested with a product dies from a serious allergic reaction.
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If some countries have come up with the idea to take care of animals and have made even groups and organizations against animal abuse why do, they inhumanly abuse animals for testing.
Experimental tests on animals its something unessential, and what if results are erroneous and in animals works perfect and on human results badly. As well, we know that the human body its pretty similar to an animal's body. Some doctors say that animal testing can slow down he results for a research or for a product. Some years ago, they inferred that animal testing cannot speculate how high the risk can be of a product or drug on
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