Why Should Art Be Pretty

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Should art be pretty is a great question to think about because it is not something often thought about. When thinking of art, one thinks of a famous artist they learn about in school or maybe an art piece they saw in the store and liked enough to buy and hang in their house. So, deciding if art should be pretty is not on many people’s mind when just thinking about art. I do think art should be pretty. When I think about art I think something that looks nice and pretty. When I look at it, it is to entertain me by looking at something that is interesting and pleasing to the eye. Sometimes looking at simple or abstract art is interesting and nice which in turn makes it look pretty. I understand why art that is not pretty is sometimes looked at as good or even great art and I do think that if the art work is not pretty it can be good, but I think art should be pretty most of the time because that is what is nicest to look at and looking at art is the majority of what happens with art. If someone goes out and buys some art for their house they want it to look nice hanging on their wall for themselves and anyone else to see.
Henri Matisse and Francis Bacon are two very different artists. Matisse liked to paint thin and pretty paintings while Bacon liked to paint think and ugly paintings. Matisse liked to use patterns that often drew your attention to them more than what might be going on in the painting unlike most other paintings. They patterns were almost too much to look at
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