Argumentative Essay Of Banning Books

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Lots of parents and businesses think that books should be banned, do you? I am for banning books because I feel that books should not talk about homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, smoking, nudity etc. Books should be banned due to bad language and bad content. I feel like bad words shouldn 't be allowed in books because kids learn things from books and if it has bad words and bad content in them unfortunately kids will learn inappropriate things. Books should be banned if they have PDA especially with two people of the same gender. I feel like that should not be displayed in books. Books should not contain inappropriate and explicit content for certain audiences. Most of the books that are banned are inappropriate for most ages. “Some of the…show more content…
“The ALA said that school and library officials banned the book in some cases last year because “it includes LGBT characters, was deemed sexually explicit and was considered to have an offensive political viewpoint.” (Cavana 1). First, this quote is important because it is showing readers why this book was banned. The quote connects with band books because it has sexually explicit content in the book and books that are in public libraries. “The children 's book Little Bill was banned because of the “criminal sexual allegations” against the author.” (Cavana 1). Clearly, this quote is important because it is showing readers what not to read and writers not to put in other books. This quote connects with banned books because it had criminal sexual allegations against the author and most of the reasons that books are banned is because of the sexuality in them. Lastly, books should be banned for language and cursing because lots of kids aren 't used to that and there is a bunch of name-callings. There shouldn 't be name calling in children 's books especially because that 's what they read and when they get older that 's what they learned and then they will call people bad names and do bad
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