Bottled Water Should Not Be Banned Essay

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Drinking water is an essential part of life and critical for good wellbeing. Eventually, we are comprised of 65% of water. While we are continually being instructed to drink our eight glasses of water a day, we aren't typically guided about which water we ought to trust and drink. However, there has been some noise around whether bottled water should be banned, leaving tap water as the only and free resource for drinking. To help clear this uncertainty, I strongly believe that bottled water should not be banned as it helps avoid contaminated public water, achieve optimal health and resolve water emergencies. Admittedly, pollution is one of the most concerning issues confronting the nature today, and water bottles that are tossed out, whom Leonard, Sachs and Fox (2010) state are 80% of them, just add to it. This increase however is too small compared to the one caused by plastics thrown from other products that aren’t even introducing recycling methods unlike to water bottles industries. Webb (2016) blames water…show more content…
Wellsprings of tap drinking water are liable to contamination and require proper treatment to extract contaminants causing illnesses. This impurity of the water can occur either in the main water itself or during the distribution process which is exceeded by water treatment. In such irony, the process in which water is treated to “remove” those contaminants, which can come from many sources, uses chemicals that can be very dangerous to your life and that of your family. So at what odds is the tap water you are drinking from contaminated or not? The answer for this question was disastrous for the people of Nepal. One hundred percent of the 76 tap water samples examined where shown to be contaminated with heterotrophic bacteria (Pant, Poudyal and Bhattacharya, 2016). Would you rather leave those people to die rather than supply them with healthy water

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