Smoking Cigarettes

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Thousands of Tabacco clouds a thrown through our atmosphere; destroying a life each bud at a time. Is this what we want our world to be like? This distinct issue must be exterminated. We need to put a strict full ban on smoking cigarettes before more innocent lives pass away. There are three prime reasons why smoking should be fully banned; firstly, smoking leads young vulnerable children to take up smoking due to the influence close elders or relatives take upon this horrid habit. In addition, when a smoker becomes very sick or unwell with the 14 different types of cancer, it wastes doctors, money, and time. Moreover, banning smoking will reduce Australia 's pollution greatly. Furthermore, smoking gives a long terrible death to all smokers. Firstly, the main smokers are giving a bad influence on innocent youth. The biggest range of smokers is to a child 's close relatives or elders like parents, teachers, aunties and uncles. How can you smoke in front of young clueless minds? This teachers child a bad habit that it is okay to smoke tobacco! A study shows that 16,586 youths are smoking (destroying their life) in Australia. This means that parents or guardians are buying cigarettes for children destroying the lives. When one grows up they will pass smoking through their children and let…show more content…
15, 500 Australian 's die each year due, that 's 42 deaths a day due to smoking tobacco. How can we let more lives die? Smoking is the leading preventable death in the world. Smoking leads to 14 different types of cancer, strokes, heart attacks, dental matters and many mental diseases. You are 20 more times likely to develop lung cancer. It leads to many mental issues like depression and anxiety. Type two diabetes tends to progress more rapidly for smokers. Smoking lures people to blood clots, poor vision, pregnancy problems, high cholesterol and much more! How can we continue legalising smoke we must put an end to
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