Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay

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Each and every human being on the surface of this world should acknowledge that bullying is illegal and even illegitimate against the law.The bullying issue is no more a laughing matter and must be taken quite seriously.This is because it does not only cause damages but also can cause human’s precious life into a disastrous death.But,first and foremost,how the term bullying can be defined? Well,bullying can be defined as the act of any extreme or unwanted physical or verbal behaviour,that is directly or indirectly towards a defenseless person who means no harm in any manner.Though,there are tons of anti-bully campaigns regarding the bullying such as ‘Bully Beatdown’ and ‘Stop Bullying’ campaigns are still going on in order to create an awareness that how deadly bullying can turn into,yet,the rate on those involves in this activity keep getting intensify without a restrain day by

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