Why Should Capital Punishment Be A Controversial Issue

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Why have Capital punishment be a controversial issue?
Capital punishment has been a controversial issue in the American judicial system for many years. Electrocution, injection, hanging, and gassing are different forms the death penalty has been used. Many people argue that fighting violence with violence achieves a useful purpose in society. Additionally, people argue that a reasonable punishment for a person that has taken the life of another is “an eye for an eye.” However, taking a man’s life as a form of justice is wrong. Therefore, the government should ban capital punishment and come together to create a different way to seek justice.
Can capital punishment be reversed? Everybody makes mistakes. For example, if a jury wrongly convicts a person of murder and the person is sentenced to life in prison, the jury can immediately have the conviction overturned and the person will be released. However, the death penalty does not work that way. Once a person is sentenced and put to death, it cannot be taken back. In addition, author Michael Levin writes “Death is different, an innocent man executed can’t be resurrected- once a mistake has been made. “(84) Therefore, a death cannot be overturned.
What are the types of execution methods? The government has several execution methods. Electrocution is the most commonly used punishment in many
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In addition, Christians believe every human’s life has value. As children, we are taught one of the Ten Commandments, which states “thou shall not kill” and that we should carry out the commandments of the Lord. For instance, author Mark Costanzo writes “Vengeance belongs to the Lord, and we should love our neighbor as we love ourselves.” (36) Many Christians believe that when a criminal commits a crime, we should forgive them and let the Lord seek justice. Furthermore, Christians should boycott, pray, and plan rallies to help ban the death
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