Why Should Celebrities Commit Crime

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Two groups of people were arguing about should celebrities face stricter penalties when they committed crimes. One side agreed with stricter penalties come out with the reason celebrities have influence power on people, and celebrities can easily bail themselves out of the jail or pay for the fines. On the other hand, people fight back with the reason human were all equal in front of law and god, and celebrities have already lost their privacy so why being so cruel to them.When celebrities commit crimes, people with different opinions came out with different ideas. Some consider they should confront stricter punishment and some disagree. Celebrities have already lost their privacy and also human should be equal in front of the law and god, so celebrities should not face stricter penalties. Celebrities certainly have more influence on people because they are public figures. Celebrities lived in the public, so when they committed crimes their punishment will also show on the television news and newspaper everywhere. People can easily saw the consequences and warn themselves not to do the same thing. Why would people do things that they already know there will be harsh punishments? For example, your favourite…show more content…
Whenever you goes, there will be paparazzi and reporters. They have been watching your life and things you did. Your life would be exposed to the public, all the crimes you did will also be found out easily. People who are not famous can easily cover up things they have done or easily bail themselves out of jail because news will not report things that are not important or things that did by an ordinary citizen. Celebrities’ life have no privacy, things they did will be hard to cover up and it will be easily found out. They have already been pitiful of losing their privacy and now people are trying to make them face stricter penalties while they commit crimes. Why people are being so harsh to
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