Why Is It Important To Have Cell Phones In The Classroom

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Imagine the scene from “Bart Gets a Z” The Simpsons, but all the cell phone's little key pads continuing being worked on and an occasional vibrate of a possible due date. This would be the modern classroom… but the teachers and some parents are annoyed and worried about this, they want to ban cell phones. Why would they be worried about a device that can and will one day make the classroom a easier and productive place? Cell phones can make the classroom life organized and simple. Cell phones also connects the students to the teachers and their lessons. Cell phones can make classrooms fun and educational at the same time. Those who worry about cell phone use in schools should think about all the work that can be done by having cell phones.…show more content…
We all know that now with the Internet saving worksheets and other papers is as easy as 1,2,3. With this, working on them is as easy as saving them. According to Cell Phones in the Classroom : Learning Tools for the 21st Century saving the worksheets and papers digitally can organize a classroom and the learners class work. Organization is a major part of keeping a fun and educational classroom. Also according to the same source, “Online taken tests and assessments are instantly graded.” This takes off tedious work for the teachers which then allows more time to plan lessons or prepare them. Furthermore, Cell Phones in the Classroom* points out that online worksheets and activities tend to have more opportunity than on the paper copies. Opportunity such as, an attractive/fun worksheet and a easier way to make these worksheets. Cell phones is a logical choice to improve school
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