Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In Classrooms

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Does having your phone with you actually help you focus? Do they only disconcert the people around you? Should phones even be allowed in classrooms? The problem with kids having their phones in class is that when they are on them if they make any noise it distracts the people around them. They are also very disrespectful to the teacher because you aren’t even trying to give them your full attention and not making eye contact, eye contact is a key part of them knowing that you understand what they are teaching. Cell phones can distract the person on them from their schoolwork and miss out on important information. Although many people may argue that being separated from their phone is more distracting than having it with them; teachers shouldn’t allow phones in class because they can distract themselves, the people around them, and it is disrespectful to the teacher. It would help if teachers removed cell phones from classrooms because it would limit the person’s distraction from learning as well as keep other…show more content…
In Stabroek News’ “Cell Phones Should not be allowed in schools“ a secondary student from West Demerard secondary school says that cell phones in class “Disturb other students who are trying to study”. Although most students would just say that they should look away or mind their own business and stop looking at what they are doing, it is very difficult for students to take their mind off of lsomething that has distracted them from their previous task, however brief it was. Students will get sidetracked easily by the sound of a phone ringing if not making sure it wasn’t theirs, they are trying to figure out whose did go off. If their friend is smiling or laughing at something on their phone they will want to see it too. If they decide to try to take a photo their friends and people near them will try to lean into it and attract attention of nearly half of the
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