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Cell phones kids, Teens, adults we all use cell phones we think that they are helpful and they could help us look things up and research things. Cell phones have been a big debate in schools. Should there be cell phones in schools or not? What do you think? Some people think that they are great learning tools for students but others think that they should be focused on their school work not get distracted by looking at cute photos, Youtube, Music, etc. I think that cellphones should not be in schools because students could use them inappropriately because students could get better test scores and because they could get distracted while using them.

One reason cell phones should be banned at school is because they could start doing things inappropriately.
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For example the teacher needs to connect with the student for them to stayed connected because if you 're looking stuff up on your phone you can drift off onto something else. Another example is that ring tones texts, calls, notifications could distract one and another from class work. If you were in the teacher point of view and you were teaching the class then you ask a question for the class to answer and everyone is on there phones. That makes it so the teacher is teaching to know one because everyone is busy on their phones. Many people would say that students won’t be on their phone all the time, but students get distracted from paper flags so they definitely will be distracted by a $700 dollar technology source. This evidence is showing that cell phones do not belong in schools.

So what do think now about cellphones in school? Are you against cell phones because they are distracting and gives kids more opportunities to use technology inappropriately and makes it so students can get lower grades. Or are for cellphones because of other reasons. Would you go to school and pull out your cell phone to study for a test or a SA but end up just looking cute photos of dogs, watching youtube etc. Would that give you good grades on your test or SA? No. That is why I think that cellphones should be banned in

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