Essay Why College Athletes Should Not Get Paid

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Many people believe that college athletes should be paid. They believe that college athletes should get paid because they play that full-time as a sport, that is their main focus. But others believe that college athletes shouldn’t get paid. Most of the time people think that college athletes should not get paid because there whole tuition is paid for. All of their books, dorm, and food. There are a lot of problems with how college athletes are treated and many teachers, students, and coaches are wanting to change that. College athletes shouldn’t get paid, or should they? All of there schooling is paid for. College athletes should not get paid because there schooling is already a lot. College athletes should be happy that they do not have to pay for all of their gear plus school, books, and dorm. They get a free education. Athletes aren’t forced to take the scholarship that they get offered to them. Therefore if the athlete gets a scholarship…show more content…
The athletic department gets paid million of dollars every year, therefore it should not be a problem with NCAA paying the athletes. The average coaching salary in NCAA division 1 basketball is 1.47 million per year, if the coach can make that much by teaching them then the athlete should make twice as more by learning it and performing at several games during the season. The athletes who practice for along time and dedicate their lives to the game get nothing, but a doubt of a win. Division one athletes should be paid because they have a significant amount of revenue for the school. The majority of the football players will have at least one concussion during their four years of college. The most common knee injuries and torn ligaments are in football. Some of these injuries could end your college season of football, and you would not even get paid once you have to stop because of an
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