Why Should Corporal Punishment Be Banned

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Corporal punishment should be totally banned in Hong Kong, which no longer to be adopted in this modern society. Corporal punishment is defined as a form of physical punishment which involves the express infliction of pain in order to punish a person who is convicted of a crime or as retribution for a perceived offence (Straus, 2001). The use of corporal punishment to against children as a tool of discipline has become a controversial issue in this modern. People always argue with its effectiveness and drawback. This essay will explain why this kind of punishment should be banned by considering the mental development of children, the behavior problem of children may be caused and society aspect.
According to Straus (2001), an agonizing experience of violence at very young age can be disastrous for the child’s personal development and can lead to lifelong problems. These problem can be depression and suicidal thinking raised. .In the reaches, 500 children who have experienced corporal punishment were inspected and 67% had suicidal thought .92 % of them had depression for a time. In addition, 34% of children said the sense of they were punished always arise in their mind wherever where they are. It is traumatic if their parent, who are the most loved and trusted figure in the child’s life, suddenly carries out a painful attack. This assault can totally destroy spiritual dimension of a child who is immature and very rely on their parent. In short, corporal punishment will

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