Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery is a unique surgery that uses to enhance appearance of a person through surgical and medical techniques. Nowadays, more and more people undergo cosmetic surgeries in order to have a better appearance. This phenomenon leads the cosmetic surgery to become more popular in the world. According to Korea as beauty-driven society (2012), Korea topped the list in 2010 in the number of cosmetic surgery operated. Cosmetic surgery has certain disadvantages such as it is harmful to the patients but it also has a lot of advantages such as it can improve self-confidence and also, improve health. Although some people argue that cosmetic surgery is risky, it should not be banned because it can improve self-esteem and quality health of life.…show more content…
There are some cosmetic surgery that can improve self-esteem such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and so on. Rhinoplasty is basically known as nose job. It can reshape the nose and correct the nose proportion in order to achieve the facial balance. Meanwhile, rhinoplasty can also help patients with breathing problem due to structural abnormalities to breathe easier. Many people do rhinoplasty surgery because they are unhappy with their nose shape. Imperfect nose will lead them to have depression and less confidence to face the people. According to Goin and Rees(1991), rhinoplasty surgery can improve self-esteem and make people feel more comfortable and confidence. For instance, Dr. Joseph F. Sobanko from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania carries out a research about the patients’ reaction after their nose job, the result shows that the patients feel better and it can enhance their self-image. Another cosmetic surgery that can boost self-esteem is breast augmentation. Breast augmentation also knows as breast enlargement. According to Papadopulos et al. (2014), breast augmentation can make people more attractive and feeling more feminine. For examples, some celebrities undergo breast enlargement are Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson and so on in order to have a good looking figure. The woman’s breasts are implanted with saline solution or silicone gel to improve the body shape so that they will look better in garments and swimwear and also can get rid of depression due to the imperfect size of
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