Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage Essay

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Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage? Honestly my answer would be yes, because you get to learn more about your future husband or wife and in today times it should help with financial stability. My parents and grandparents raised my siblings and I to be up standing christian so my beliefs is contrary to my religion. Example: 1. There is this young couple happily in love and decided not to live together before marriage and everything was wonderful, he was always respectful, loving, affectionate, and sensitive toward her feelings. He smells wonderful and his appearance was neat and well groomed, whenever she visited his house it was the same. They went to church together regularly and had the same beliefs in God so she thought. He never complained about anything and manage his money and responsibility well, this is all she ever looked for in a man that she was willing to marry. The couple both had caring and supportive parents that help planned and participated in the wedding and one big gift for them both. The venue went as plan and it was a magnificent success for both parties. After the conclusion of the wedding the two begin to live their lives as one and was grateful for the house as a wedding gift. Suddenly 90 days into the marriage his behavior begin to change, he is not attentive as usual, gets agitated quickly,…show more content…
Why because it helps them figure out if this is the right person they want to marry. Other than getting married and not wanting to be with that person so it will be easier leaving while in a relationship then it is to divorce. In research it says that in the United States more than 1,500 percent of people live together unmarried. Although that majority of the couples are young that live together it’s because they are open minded about if they should be in a relationship or get married to a person then being force like in the past
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