Why Should Dangerous Sports Be Banned

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Sports are physical activities that build your muscles and make you physically and mentally stronger. And this is it, sports are only activities that make you fit? No, for most athletic people, sport is a lifestyle; it could be work or a hobby, a way to find new friends or meet with old. Any sports unite people. But in my opinion, you can divide sports into two main groups: dangerous and safe. It does not matter which type of sport is your favorite, wich one you choose to do. All sports have benefits for you and can improve your mental skills. For an example, regular sport activities impact in a positive way your concentration and help you to better your discipline. Also sport activities better your mood and reduce stress helping you to avoid depressions. As well as mental health, sports can improve your social…show more content…
If government banned all the sports that can cause an injury there will be less opportunity in personal choice, less freedom. It is fully personal choice to do or not to do a specific sport, for instance if someone wants to do boxing, then this is someone's choice and it should be respected and considered. If there will be less sports to choose it can cause a massive decrease in an amount of people doing physical activities; This can then lead to worsening of the overall health of our community. In conclusion, I would like to say that dangerous sports should not be banned without any specific reason because any sport can be considered dangerous and banning one of them will, probably, lead to banning other. Which will lead to less freedom, so every view should be considered. And to prevent the risk of injury it should be controlled by a specific and clear rules made by professional athletes which will make any sport activity safier. Sports are very useful for any person no matter what they are, so do sport, find which one you like the most and you will become healthier and
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