Why Should Education Be Valued And Not To Be Taken For Granted

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Is education really important? Do kids nowadays value their education? Common questions people hear all the time. Every day students wake up early to go to school and have to go through long periods of lessons, strict teachers that are nerve wracking, and endless amounts of homework. This is school isn’t it? Some students find that school is a burden, but have any of them thought that school may not be a bad thing nor may not be a burden after all? This is a school system that kids have to go through, but ironically a system most kids take for granted. Education is important and valued highly in society today. Also, education is necessary to be successful in life. Education provides students with the necessary skills and training to prepare them for the real world. The education itself also serves as a teaching ground to students for values and morals of society. Government should give more attention on education and allocate more funds to support students’ success. Therefore, education should be valued and not to be taken for granted. One of the main reasons for this is that, going to school and learn is hard. Students get a ton of homework and set for short deadlines, but is this really what hard work is? Well, Carla, who lives in a third world country has to wake up 5:00 in the morning to get ready for school, who sleeps on the floor with nothing but rags as her shelter. Now, that is hard work. Some kids take their education for granted. In today’s society, mostly in

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