How Important Essay: Is Education Really Important?

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Is education really important? Do kids nowadays value their education? Common questions people hear all the time. Every day students wake up early to go to school and have to go through long periods of lessons, strict teachers that are nerve wracking, and endless amounts of homework. This is school isn’t it? Some students find that school is a burden, but have any of them thought that school may not be a bad thing nor may not be a burden after all? This is a school system that kids have to go through, but ironically a system most kids take for granted. Education is important and valued highly in society today. Also, education is necessary to be successful in life. Education provides students with the necessary skills and training to prepare…show more content…
In today’s society, mostly in first world countries, education is commonly viewed as something that is automatically provided to everyone. In United states public schools, education is free from kindergarten to high school, however, kids tend to underestimate the power of education and take it for granted. Education has become one of individual’s important aspect in life. With more years of formal education, an individual can do anything he or she wants to do. Yet, most kids take this for granted. Why do kids feel the need to hate school? The problem is that, these days kids are thirsty for more and along the way forgetting what they have. None of them wants to be in class, they would rather be at home sleeping or watching television. According to an article “The Value of Education,” by Russell Taylor, there are two reasons behind this attitude – the lack of family values and the lack of responsibility taken by many kids. Kids often do not appreciate the value of education they are receiving. Parents have a lot of responsibilities in drilling to their kids the importance of education for their future. Taylor notes that “If children are do not understand how important school is, chances are they will not succeed when they are adults” (64). Parents need to remind their kids the motivation and discipline it takes to succeed in school. Also, parents need to always teach their children that school is a

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