Essay On Banning Poaching

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Banning Poaching
About 100 elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory. To this day about 400,000 elephants are remaining, and possibly in the next decade elephants will become extinct. Although, a single pound of Ivory in an elephant’s tusk can go for one thousand- five hundred dollars, killing the living creature is brutal, and people need to find a better way to take the white substance from the tusk, because elephants are the source to making grasslands, creating water holes, and eventually will be next for extinction.
Those on the other side of the issue may say that banning poaching is not going to change the fact that elephants are still going to die. For example, “If there were no poaching, there’d still be a supply of ivory from elephants who die of natural mortality”(John Walker). This shows that there is still going to be ivory left from
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and, as long as ivory is available, people will continue to buy it. For example,“This tragedy, however, can’t compete with the allure of “white gold”—especially among young fashionistas in low- to middle-income brackets who see ivory as a way to project an image of wealth and social status, the survey finds.” (Mark Strauss). This shows that a person may think they hate the idea of elephant slaughter, but still buy ivory to look like they are wealthy.This is important because others don't see how elephants are meaningful to their environments and people. In addition, “There’s a clear disconnect between individuals saying, ‘I'm going to buy it’ and ‘I support enhanced regulations of the ivory trade,’” (Terry Garcia). This shows that there is a huge mistake with someone saying they want the sell of ivory to be banned, and then just buying it. This is important because someone buying ivory is just leading to more elephant deaths.The profits on the sell of ivory is just going to keep multiplying if people won't just stick to what they

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