Why Should Girls Play Sports Essay

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It used to not be mandatory for a school or club to allow schools to let girls play sports. Until in 1972 when a public law was signed and put into effect called Title IX. This allowed girls to join sports teams, but they still weren’t allowed to play sports with the boys. Just because boys are built bigger doesn’t mean they are going to win every battle. Girls should get to play on boys sports teams because they are just as good as boys, they are more or just as physically fit as boys and they may not be built the same but they can be just as powerful. Just because a boy and a girl are built physically different that shouldn’t matter. Females are told to have less muscle distribution than males do. So even though they may have more…show more content…
Males tend to respond better when training do physical activity. If boys can respond with hard work and determination then who is to say girls can’t respond the same. Females might not respond the same because they haven’t always been told they have somewhere to go in life with their sports because in most ways there is no way for them to play professional sports. All girls might need is to be told they can go somewhere while doing what they love. Just by saying this it could light the spark that the girl needs to have the same passion, drive, and determination that a boy has. Females tend to have more knee and shoulder injuries in non-contact sports. Most of this can be solved by having the proper strength training that a boy does. With this proper training it will strengthen a females muscles to make them stronger and prevent easy injuries from happening. Females core body temperatures tend to fluctuate competing in heat or under stress. Just because females body temperatures fluctuate doesn’t make them any less valuable to a team. Any female can do different things keep control of their body temperatures and this won’t stop them from doing and playing what they
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