Why Should Guilty People Deserve Capital Punishment?

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Guilty people deserve to be punished in proportion to the severity of their crime. Crime is when an individual violates the laws and regulations of their country. Capital punishment is also known as death penalty. Capital punishment is the execution of an offender as a punishment for his crime. It is necessary for those who refuse to accept unjust administration of punishment. Capital punishment is often justified by saying that by executing the murders birth of new murders would be prevented. Executions especially when they are more painful and public create a sense of horror and halts those tempted towards criminality to violate laws. In countries such as Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Nigeria and New York crime rates are exceptionally high and this affects the population there. The police also works inefficiently in these countries and the criminals easily escape from punishments. Punishments in public especially capital punishment highly controls the crime rate in most of the countries with low crime rate. Capital punishment is also linked with complicated illustrations. Carrying out capital…show more content…
Whereas a serial killer, a person who kills people for his/her interests, deserves a death penalty as a punishment towards the committed crimes. In many countries such as Pakistan and India, people are given death penalty for murdering or robbing sometimes due to corruption of police force which is unfair the criminal as he/she should be given life imprisonment or parole for such crimes. If action may not be taken many people would turn against the government or accuse the laws and would see the negative aspects of capital punishments. Giving punishment would assure the victim or other people by showing justice and that it’s being discouraged while shows the victim that everyone disapproves the act of the
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