Why Should Harry Potter Be Banned

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I have heard that you were considering banning the Harry Potter series from your school’s library, so I have a few reasons why you should not ban Harry Potter. First of all, did you know that In a poll, “15% said that Harry Potter was a bad influence because it portrayed witchcraft. 45% said that it was entertaining, but no important life lessons, and 39% thought it was a good influence and had positive lessons to teach.” Harry Potter is a fun, magic-filled, fantasy that takes kids on an amazing adventure. Therefore, Harry Potter should not be banned from your school. Three reasons why you shouldn’t ban the Harry Potter series are: Harry Potter does use witchcraft, but people know that it isn’t real, it allows kids to use their imagination and creativity, and Harry Potter discourages pride, prejudice, and…show more content…
Harry Potter should not be banned from schools because it is fantasy, so the witchcraft in it is not real. Fantasy is a genre of book that involves magic, and usually some made up creatures. A fantasy book is a book that has made up characters, settings, and storyline. Harry Potter is a fantasy book, so the content is not actually real. People who think that Harry Potter should be banned because of the use of witchcraft need to take time and realize that Harry Potter is not real. For example, on page 347 in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry says “‘Accio Dictionary!’ The heavy book flew out of Hermione’s hand, flew across the room, and Harry caught it.” People worried about the use of witchcraft should know that things like this do not happen today in our world. Harry Potter is a book that does use witchcraft, but it is not real. Harry Potter should not be banned from schools because people should know that the things in the book are made
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