Why Should Homework Be Banned

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The Time of No Homework

Do you really think young children have to be in stress? Homework is creating a lot of stress to children. Is it worth it to do homework? Can it help? Did you know that Homework can make students to cheat? This happens a lot to students

Firstly, homework should be banned because it builds up stress in students. Homework is stressful because when doing homework there is a challenging thing then stress comes right away. Also, when students are young and they feel the stress of working so much and meeting a teacher’s deadline it can have a negative effect on their social and emotional development. This happens a lot to other people. McPherson stated in his book Stressed Out in school that homework, “Creates Stress and anxiety.” (McPherson 40). No one should have to have this stress and anxiety at such a young age. Another example is In the article “List of homework should be banned pros and cons,” it says ,“Student’s minds and abilities are tested all day in school, which can be very draining. When they come home, they need to be able to relax and pursue other interests. Homework not only doesn’t allow them to do that, but causes the stress of the school day to continue into the evening. This could affect attitude, sleep, and many other things”. (Editor of flow phlocyclogy).

Secondly homework leaves students to have less time with their family. When doing homework, time still passes and sometimes time passes and some people think that the time
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