Argumentative Essay On Illegal Immigrants

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Do you feel safe going to school with kids from other countries, or sending your kids to school with kids from other countries? “Few people can be happy unless they hate some other person, nation, or creed.” Bertrand Russell. The public school system has been tolerant on the reinforcement given to illegal immigrants. This is a problem because they are using the money from taxpayers of the public schools when they pay little to no taxes to help contribute to that revenue. Illegal immigration has been a problem in America since the mid 1800s. Illegal immigrants in public schooling is a recent problem, and the laws being passed to protect them are not sufficient enough along with the government aid. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to use civilian money to achieve public education in America.
Critics argue that illegal immigrants pay more in taxes than people think; however it still
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In “Fact Checker: Clinton’s claim that illegal immigrants pay more taxes than some corporations,” Glenn Kessler, writer for The Washington Post, says that Clinton claims that “illegal immigrants in New York pay more taxes than some of the biggest corporations New York”(Hillary Clinton). This is true if you are taking illegal immigrants as a group and not each individual person; this comparison is not accurate though because it like comparing apples and bananas. Also, the numbers being taken into account are only state, local, and property taxes which excludes federal taxes (Kessler, 2). Even though big companies can find ways to get out of paying a lot of federal taxes, they still pay a ton of money into state, local, and property, which forces them to pay for each individual property they own. So when you compare a whole group of people to one company, yes, the group would be paying more, but that is an unrealistic comparison to make.
While illegal immigrants have the right to an education in America, it is draining the school systems.
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