Junk Food Should Be Banned Persuasive Essay

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Child obesity is a growing problem that many are rapidly trying to correct. America, as well as some other countries, are searching for a solution to a growing obesity epidemic. Many believe if we can establish a healthy crop of young americans this problem can be solved. The problem is deciding how to fix this, but what won’t fix it is banning junk food from schools like some people suggest. There are multiple reasons why a ban on junk foods to any extent in public should not be implemented. Some of these reasons are that a ban could influence an opposite effect on the children, junk food is not the only food contributing to the obesity, and finally the only way to truly reach these children is through their homes. Obesity won’t change by looking at schools, keep the junk food as an option at all times to keep…show more content…
When someone is told not to do something, especially a child or young adult, they tend to have a stronger desire to do it. A young boy has been caught at a school selling contraband soda and making a large profit (Citation here). The mother of the boy is quoted herself saying, as someone who grew up in a household strict against sugar, “As a result, I spent most of my late childhood obsessed with sweets.” and then later describes the impact of this causing a thrill of the sneak, “Sugar was verboten, so the pleasure was all in the sneaking.” (Citation here). This is just one person’s experience, but it is a broadly felt reaction to such constrictive circumstances. To go along with this, the process of banning the junk food will be a problem itself. As the article would later state, “One major problem with a junk-food ban is it's not always clear which treats should be classified as ‘bad’ and which are okay for our kids to consume.” (Citation here). It is clear that an outright ban on sugary and fatty snacks in schools will only make the situation
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