Why Should Kids Be Allowed To Participate In Extreme Sports Persuasive Essay

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Whoosh... Don’t you love the feeling of the crisp cold air blowing through your hair… and feeling as if you’re gliding through powdery snow? Well I do. Snow Skiing means everything to me. Extreme sports for teens is their power, from the learning, to the races, to shows, to the olympics. People (not me), disagree about kids being able to participate in extreme sports. Personally, I agree that they should. Why are some kids more drawn to extreme sports than others? Well, one of the reasons is some kids don’t adore team sports, unlike others. Extreme sports allow kids to participate in something by themselves instead of with a team. Also, some teens are more risk-taking than others. For example, a kid playing soccer has less chance of falling and breaking their neck than a snowboarder.…show more content…
When you are in your pre-teen to teen years, you are more limber and stronger than you are when you are older (from time to time), so that’s one reason kids should be allowed to be in extreme sports. Because they are so limber, it makes them safer. Another reason is extreme sports can help kids stay away from alcohol and drugs. They are so focused on helping their body to stay healthy so they will have superior performance. Extreme sports have their dangers, though, here 's the problem. All team sports have risks such as soccer, basketball and volleyball. Several sports as in field hockey and lacrosse have colossal risks. Whether in team sports or extreme, frequent breaks reduce the risk of hurting yourself, so you don’t wear yourself out. Adults should trust kids with these sports, so if they push themselves, let them do that so they get out of their comfort zone. Kids know when they need to stop and push themselves so they excel. All sports have their dangers so let your kid have fun with it. Extreme sports might not sound safe for your kid though they just might really enjoy

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