Why Should Lady Chatterley's Lover Be Banned

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Throughout time, there have been many books written, that public schools have banned forvarious reasons. One of the many books includes Lady Chatterley’s Lover written by DHLawrence. Throughout this paper I will be explaining a basic outline of the book, why the authoreven wrote it, and why it was banned from certain public schools.Lady Chatterley’s Lover starts off with Connie Reid who is the protagonist throughout thewhole book. After introducing Connie, they then introduce her husband whose name is CliffordChatterley. It pretty much all begins with him returning from World War I. When he returns, heis paralyzed from the waist down. Throughout time, Connie Chatterley begins to get frustratedwithout making love. Clifford ends up writing some deep, mysterious, and sort of sad stories.These stories were written about love and sex. His stories eventually become some­what popular,and people come and converse about him and his stories. One person in particular that came…show more content…
Whether people in school are mature enough to read it and take all of the explicitcontent is up to them, and obviously they know what they’re getting into when they begin to readit. Having a book published and for people to read it and dislike it and ban it from certain places,must feel awful. I don’t think books should be banned in high school, obviously don’t allowelementary or middle school kids to read it, but it is his way of expressing himself. Humans tendto have a big issue on not judging when another is expressing their form of being, and this is acase where people may have gone a bit too

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