Why Should Lunches Be Allowed To Eat At School

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Imagine sitting at lunch, having nothing to eat or drink. Now imagine everyone near you being able to eat. How do you feel? Many people starve during the only time to eat at school because of the ridicules price! Many schools call it “making a profit” but I call it unfair. all schools should limit the price to buy a meal so all students can eat!
A lot of students could have parents who just lost jobs and may not have the money to pay for their kids lunch every day. One low quality main dish is about four dollars. Some of the main dishes are, a slice of pizza, a chicken sandwich, and a veggie sandwich. No one should have to pay almost 4 dollars for anything on this list! I get how schools need the profit, but theres no need for them to cheat us out of our money! Also, many students who can’t eat a lunch aren’t as energized and don’t pay attention as much during class, which could also mean lower test grades. Teachers would hate that, and not to mention, so would their parents.
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Store bought lunches taste way better and are even cheaper! A store-bought lunchable is about two dollars which includes a drink, a piece of candy, and a pizza. That at a school would usually cost anywhere up to at least six dollars. That’s saying something! A lot of people already buy their lunches at the store, but if the school lowers their lunch prices, a lot of them would buy from the school instead. I know I would! Of course the school could lose some money by lowering the prices of the meals, but they would still make a profit, and if they lowered it, more people will eat their food which could maybe make an even bigger profit then
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