Why Should Military Service Be Mandatory

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Natalia Blinova
Reason and Argument
Prof. William Cohn
5 January 2015
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Should military service be mandatory?

For my thesis I have chosen a topic of mandatory military service for all citizens, since I find it as a very important subject because there are many aspects to discuss. It is a topic that brings a lot of controversy and divides people opinion in half.
Should the military service be mandatory or not? This issue has always been of great importance to discuss. Let us turn first to the definition of military service. According to Longman Dictionary, “military service is the system in which every adult, or every male adult, in a country has to spend a period of time in the army, navy, or air force.” The
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Have you ever thought about those people who were fighting in the World Wars or any other? Those people were fighting for their country, for their families and future generations. If military service was mandatory, people would not have a choice to go or not to go to the army. They would have to defend their Motherland anyway. This could bring them up as mature and responsible men. We should consider the fact that many young people nowadays do not appreciate what they have and take life as given, without having any responsibilities. Mandatory military service, in my opinion will make them more mature and responsible for their actions. According to the analysis among Israeli youth, military service indeed has a positive impact on males. For instance, people improve “problem-solving capacity, better ability to cope with physical difficulties …self-confidence, and willingness to take responsibilities.” Many of these people never experienced hard routine or had to follow strict rules, which makes them less prepared for the adult world and also for working life. Serving as a soldier should teach them the respect they will need for the future life and prepare them better to be law-abiding citizen of their…show more content…
It is quite common today to hear the opinion that military service should not exist, and that it should be cancelled. Becoming a fully neutral state with a symbolic number of public servants will be the most suitable option. I am fully confident that neutrality of your country is not always the best approach: if you live quietly and peacefully it does not necessarily mean that others will live also with respect to you. In addition, no one forces you to build a military career if you do not want that. The only thing you should do is to serve to your country up to two years and protect its citizens. Imagine a country, which has no mandatory military service, which is not able to defend itself. Can we actually call it a state? Historically, if a young man did not serve in the army, he was not considered a real man, and moreover it was considered as a disgrace. We should be aware that modern world is not full of excessive love and harmony in all countries, so heads of governments pay much attention to the issues of the

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