Should Cell Phones Be Banned In Schools

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The cell phone is a drug to the teenage generation. A cell phone goes off in the middle of a lesson and causes the student to take his or her attention off the lesson and on to the text message he or she just received. A conversation starts between two students in different seating 's, different classrooms or even different schools. In a different scenario a student makes a group chat with multiple other students to discuss answers on an assignment. These are the two of the many reasons why phones should be banned for the teenage generation. Students are sent to school to learn but if they have phones in their pockets they will not learn anything and will have their full attention on the little device in their pockets. Others may suggest that cell phones should not be banned since they offer a different way of studying and can also be used as a calculator in many cases; however, these phones can also help the teens cheat. Teenagers are prisoners to their phones, is that why phones are also called cell phones? As time passes, cell phones have more and more to offer this generation. A cell phone is an electronic…show more content…
The main reason teens are sent to school is, so they can get an education and eventually have a career when older; however, phones prohibit education. Bringing a phone to school is simply atrocious and unnecessary. Some may state that parents often need to get a hold of his or her daughter or son, so cell phones are helpful. But in this case, parents can call the main office. Calling the main office of the school would not disturb the child from focusing on the lesson in class. Instead if parents call teens on their cell phones, the teens can get distracted and start texting other friends. Teachers take time out of his or her day to come and teach and do his or her job but in return if the students are not paying attention than that would be wasting the teachers
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