Why Should Parents Choose Their Future

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There are some people not agree that children can decide their future. An investigation has been made and some of the respondents state that parents should choose the children 's career because choosing the career is very important (Maryam 2015). This seems a very serious situation as it will give the huge impact to the children 's future. Since choosing career become important, parents would give their best opinion for their children in giving the bright future to them. Parents have more life experiences and they know well compared to children. They already face lots of difficulties and hardship in order to bring up their children. Moreover, parents always master on how things work. In the past, they also a children and be in that situation. They already know how the situation and know how to handle it. They will give the best advice in helping the children choose their career. This help in reducing the pressure on the children as them have lots of school works to be settle down. Thus, this will prevent the children choose the wrong decision that can spoil their future life.
Parent 's opinions are important to the children because they know more about career and reality life path. Parents are
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In addition, the reason why the career of the children must be chosen by parents because it is the desire of every parent want their children to have a happy life and will give the best for their beloved one. Most of the parents love their children very much. They try to give the best to them and they would not do something that might hurt or demolish their children future. (Pritish, 2009) states that parents will suggest the highest paying jobs to their children. Most of the parents will do the same thing like this because this will ensure a secure life for their children. Nowadays, everything is controlled by money. Without money, people cannot do anything. By having a stable financial in life, the children might not suffer the difficulties same as the parent goes

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