Should People Give Money Homeless

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Should People Give Money to the Homeless?
If you want the best for the homeless, you should not give money to the homeless directly you should give money to charities to help the homeless instead. Panhandling should not be allowed because many of the homeless people use it on drugs and alcohol. Another reason you should not give money to the homeless is because you do not know if they are fakers. Lastly, if people really want to help the homeless, give money to charities because it will help long term.
Most homeless people use the money they are handed on drugs and alcohol, so you should not give your money to the homeless. An article titled, “Help the Homeless- don 't give them spare change” states that 80% of homeless people beg so they can get money and spend it on drugs. Most of these people who are buying drugs and alcohol are getting the powerful drugs such as crack, cocaine, heroin, super strength beers and ciders. These drugs cost a lot of money and are contributing to their addiction which is making it more difficult to get their life back on track. Also, the people that beg for money are the people who are going to use that money on drugs. These are some of the reasons that homeless people should not be handed money,
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According to the video, “Fake Homeless People caught and exposed”, only 20% of homeless people are actually homeless. Most fake homeless people are caught getting into a really nice car or apartment. Another video, “Fake Homeless People CAUGHT on camera and EXPOSED” states when they go onto the streets and pretend to be homeless they also fake mental illness and being a homeless war veteran to get more money. To wrap this paragraph up, if you don 't want to waste your money on people who might just be pretending, donate money to a homeless shelter or charity where you know exactly how your money is being

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