Why Should Phones Be Allowed In School

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“... he thought it was important for parents to be able to easily contact their kids.”- Mayor Bill De Blasio (2006). Schools that ban phones are doing it because they think that it is good for students and will help them learn. What they don’t know is that phones could actually help students more than without phones. Students should be able to bring phones to school because students could get important notifications, phones also help with social learning. Phones are very convenient and used during emergencies. From getting important notifications, to helping with social learning, and being convenient, there are multiple reasons why schools should allow phones. To begin with, students should allow phones in school because during school time students may receive emergency notifications. Alanna Harvey, the author of “Should Phones Be Allowed in School” believes that schools should allow phones. On November 1st of 2017 she wrote, “ Furthermore, many schools use text alerts to notify students of urgent information,…show more content…
Karen Ka Ramey from Techucation, author from “The Pros and Cons of Cell Phones in School” state how having phones is convenient and are useful for daily activities. “Since cell phones are light and easy to carry, that can act as emergency contact tools for students.” Phones are convenient technology, in schools and out. If teachers needed students to go online and research something, students could easily access their phones. Some school buys electronic and have students are able to use them, but schools wouldn’t need to buy too much if they let students use their own phones. This could also affect how students react to something. If something were to happen students would just be able to use their phones, because it would be right in their pocket or backpack. Undoubtedly, phones are beneficial for social learning and used for
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