Why Should Plastic Bags Be Banned

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Have you ever wondered what grocery stores would do without plastic bags? Stores would have to start using reusable bags and without the plastic bags there would be less liter. Other people all around the world are having a debate whether they should ban plastic bags or not. Many people are taking the ban very seriously and believe that they should ban the plastic bags. The U.S. should ban plastic bags because they cause litter, they cost too much, and they can damage to marine life and livestock. To begin, one way plastic bags should be banned is because they cause too much litter. For example, the International Coastal Cleanup in California has collected 7,825,319 plastic bags during the past twenty-five years (1). This shows how many bags people waste on an everyday use and how they can end up being harmful. Another reason is, in Fort Worth, Texas 12% of their weight in litter comes from single use bags (2). Many people believe that, that is a huge percentage and should be reduced to cause less litter. Another reason, Even though plastic bags are lightweight and last indefinitely they end up as littering different parts of the world like China, Japan, America (1). People all around should think about the ban of plastic bags to help their community with no more litter. That is how plastic bags cause too much litter and effect dozens of people and their states. In addition, single use bags should be banned is because they cost too much and are too

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