Why Should Prisons Be Privatized

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Prisons/Jails Should not be privatized
Not only that America has the highest incarceration rate but also it has but has the highest rates of youth’s incarcerated. Therefore, to keep the society safe and reduce the crime rates offenders are sentenced to jail or prisons by the criminal justice system. Depending on the severity of the crime, people are sent to either one of these two correctional facilities. Jails are locally operated or short term services usually operated by the county government. They are used to hold persons awaiting trial, and those who have been found guilty of misdemeanors. The actual jail term lasts between thirty to ninety days, and inmates rarely spend more than a year in jail. Some Jails are being operated by an elected
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Offenders who are in prisons have committed more serious felony crimes. The public roles of prisons in our society are the custodial model that depends on the presumption that detainees are imprisoned to lock them up, punish them and prevent them from committing a crime. All this is achieved through security and discipline measures. Besides, prisons exist to dispense treatment to prisoners by offering treatment programs to inmates for them change their criminal behavior. Also, prison tends to integrate offenders by providing them effective training programs to prepare them for the existence into the society. Since many prisoners housed inmates with serious felonies, there are types of prisons designed to housed inmates based on the severity of their crime. Supermax prison is a facility reserved for inmates who have extensive records of misconduct in maximum security prisons; they are strictly under supervision including extensive use of solitary confinement. The medium security prisons is also another facility that housed inmates who are less violent and committed less serious crimes, so, therefore, less restrictive measures are used to prevent violently. Last is the minimum security prison is another institution where most inmates are well behaved and nonviolent offenders unlike the maximum and minimum security. Governing a prison can be severe due to the number of people housed. Therefore, the prison system relies on a chain of command to increase personal responsibilities. The prison has a warden who is the responsible for the overall performance of the correctional facility. The assistant wardens who are there to make sure inmates feel comfortable and are in a right

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