Why Should Puppy Mills Be Shut Down?

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PUPPY MILLS! You're walking into a pet store seeing the cute puppies they have USDA license so you think it’s ok to buy one, but what USDA really is a license of puppy mills. Those puppies come from puppy mills, not licensed trusted breeders. You never know if you buy one of puppies it could be sick or have a disease [cute puppies not looking so good to buy now]. I think puppy mills should get shut down because, it’s bad for the dogs, over breeding of dogs, and behavior problems can happen.

The first reason I think puppy mills should be shut down is it’s bad for the dogs. Puppy mills give dog little or no vet care at all. Also puppy mills don’t even feed the
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When the dogs are in cages for so long and get hurt in them they get aggressive. Also the puppies get aggressive because their mother in mill teach them to be aggressive then it get passed on from dog to dog. When the dogs get aggressive then they might start attacking us and other dogs, one dog got it leg bitten off by another dog and died. The dogs also get aggressive cause people at puppy mills treat them so badly they think humans are their enemy, and ethier the people get hurt or the dogs do. I think that puppy mills should be shut down! Puppy mills torture the dogs they have, they breed their dogs to much, and there dogs get very aggressive. Think about it if this goes on more dogs will die and get sick. What will happen other than dogs dying? Will they start doing animals like horses?Other people think that puppy mills should keep going, “there just dogs” they say “it not going to hurt them”. But dogs have feeling to just like people. They don’t deserve being tortured. This needs to stop now! I get that some people have had bad experiences with dogs and don’t like them, but there are dog out there that are nice, sweet , and loving. Even people who are allergic to dogs, there are dogs with no fur or have hair. Just because something happened in to you because of a dog you don’t have to hate all

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